Sylvagrow Compost 50L : Multi Purpose & Peat-free

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A unique blend of fine bark, a by-product of sustainably managed British forests; green compost, a carefully-sourced, certified ingredient; and coir from a single, known source, and is:

  • based on a formula used by professional organic growers throughout the UK, Walworth Garden included
  • contains balanced organic fertilizers and seaweed meal for excellent vigour and disease resistance
  • performs best when routine liquid feeding is applied from around 3 – 4 weeks
  • Soil Association approved
  • suitable for a wide range of uses around the garden

Why peat free? Peat is a non-renewable resource, so when it is gone, it's gone. Peatbogs support a unique range of wildlife, the production of peat products poses a threat to these habitats. Peat stores carbon, when peat is harvested and used, some of this stored carbon is released back into the atmosphere.