It all starts with the roots...

Providing your plants with the best material to grow in, especially when growing in pots and containers, is the very first step you can take to ensure their health, success and overall happiness.

A sustainable compost for almost everything.

Sylvagrow is a multi-purpose compost that will serve most of your growing needs, including starting seeds, taking cuttings, re-potting houseplants and filling outdoor pots and containers.

Horticultural Sand & Grit

If you're growing plants with a preference for free-draining soil, add a little extra drainage in the form of Horticultural Sand and Horticultural Grit.

Cacti, succulents and Mediterranean herbs like Lavender, Rosemary and Sage all prefer a free-draining growing medium, but there are many more, check the plant description for advice.

Mixed for you

Not sure about quantities or growing aquatic plants? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our own pre-prepared mixes.

Free drainage. Pot crocks on the house.

Add this to your basket when you're ordering terracotta pots and we will throw in a fragment of broken pot to aid drainage for each of the pots you order. Simply lay the fragment over the hole at the bottom of the pot to prevent it becoming blocked.

Got your compost and crocks? Select your pots.

All of our terracotta pots come with a drainage hole, which is essential if you are growing plants outdoors. If you like these pots, and want to use them on a surface you don't want to damage or indoors, we recommend you buy a terracotta saucer to match.